01. - First steps, a fast guide

We summarize in the form of fast guide the most important information that you must consider stops€¦

 02. - Access and use of the Center of Support

For any doubt or question you use the option to send tickets within Area of Client€¦.

 03. - Management of mail

The account of mail by defect When being created your account has been created an account of mail by€¦

 04. - Access via FTP

It uses the following information to form your program FTP client and to accede to your€¦

 05. - The Administrator of files

The Administrator of files who includes the Control Panel is a very powerful resource stops€¦

 06. - To protect folders with password

In order to protect a directory with password, he accedes to the Security, Control Panel, Protection of€¦

 07. - To personalize error pages

You will be able to form the errors that the users of your Web see when acceding to your Web. For example if€¦

 08. - Analysis and files of registry: Statistics and registry of errors

It accedes to the Statistic, Control Panel and registry. You have several options: Last€¦

 09. - Data bases MySQL and PhpMyAdmin

You can create data bases MySQL from your Control Panel, Data bases, Data bases€¦

 10. - Additional Subdominios, domains and parked domains

Subdomains a subdomain is a domain name that is based on your name of domain. €¦

 11. - Backup copies (backups)

This option allows you to unload in a compressed file the content of the archives, folders€¦

 12. - Update of scripts installed

It is important that you maintain directly updated scripts that you install, or through€¦

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