[COMPLETED] Maintenance hardware servant noch.noc-h.com

20/12/2015 Completado19/12/2015Anoche we could not complete the disc change, the copy of the files was taking much more of the awaited thing and not to prolong the time of nonavailability excessively we chose to change the strategy. Instead of copy all the data with the dull servant we made it with the ignited servant, thus everything€¦ To read more €œ

18th Dic 2015
Serious vulnerability in all the versions of Joomla

If you do not use Joomla this warning does not affect to you. For some days one serious vulnerability has been detected that affects to all the versions of Joomla. It allows to raise files the servant and is being exploded intensively, reads please: http://blog.segu-info.com.ar/2015/12/vulnerabilidad-y-exploit-0-day-en.htmlSi you use it is urgent that you apply€¦ To read more €œ

16th Dic 2015

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