What is a remarketer or reseller?

A remarketer is somebody that 1) it buys a plan for lodging, 2) it subdivides the space of disc, the data transfer and other characteristics, in smaller plans, and 3) it sells or it distributes to other these smaller plans. The resales maintain the low costs and allows to great freedom and flexibility. Nevertheless, also it brings the responsibility to support technical to your clients.
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It is possible that my clients realize who I am a remarketer of MojiPage Hosting?

No, if you do not want that they know it. Our servers for resellers do not have anything us€¦

Can each of my clients obtain its own domain, counts FTP, etc.?

As remarketer, for each one of the accounts that you create you can have multiple domains,€¦

I can change my plan? I can extend it, to modify it?

Yes, at any time, and without they are affected the Webs that already you have lodged.

How much I can receive to the month my clients to him?

What your you want. We did not restrict nor we influenced of any way in your policy of€¦

Why we don't offer accounts with limitless characteristics?

We will do it when we find hard disks with limitless capacity and connections to Internet€¦

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