It cheers to us to announce the launching of our new range of Servidores Privados Virtuales (VPS) Linux, the €œpiece€ that it lacked us in the €œpuzzle€ of hosting. You can see all the details in:

Since you see there are preparation a supply of exceptional launching: without installation cost, more memory, double monthly transference and more of the disc double. Take advantage of it because we will not be able to maintain it long time.

And if you are not interested we remembered to you that you can take advantage of our supply as affiliate if you obtain new clients to us, and with that supply it will not be difficult to you. You have all the details and the list of commissions updated in:

We have been all the summer preparing them, and proving them, and the results are being excellent. Or we have several clients using them, those that have asked for them or Semi Dedicados in the last months, and some clients that we have been contacting for some days to pre-announce the launching to them and have decided to go to a VPS.

And everything with the quality and the support that characterizes to us.

Monday, September 15, 2008


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