Which is the difference between registry of domain and lodging?

The domain registry only gives you right to use that domain. The lodging provides to you€¦

 Which are the DNS of MojiPage Hosting?

By redundancy we have several. You will use some or others based on the antiquity of€¦

 How long I have to wait for until my name of domain is effective?

Generally between 12 and 48 hours. This is due to that the suppliers of access to Internet have€¦

 I have to register my domain? Of what the domain registry consists?

You cannot use a domain without registering it. The registry of a domain is similar to a rent,€¦

 It is possible to change my domain?

We can change to you without cost the domain for which is formed your hosting, but not€¦

 We provided registry of domains?

Yes, and for several extensions: it is, com, net, org, the USA, yam, mobi, info and many more.

 I can create subdomains as for example

Yes, all that you want, we allowed limitless subdomains in all the plans.

 I can register a domain without having website?

Yes. The registry of domain and the lodging of websites is separated services, although€¦

 I can use international domains?

Yes, we provided with accomodations international domains without no problem.

 I can use my domain with or without the www term?

Yes, you will be able to accede to your Web with or without www.

 What domain would have to use to identify my site?

We suggest you choose a domain that reflects your identity in the most direct form and€¦

 What is a domain?

A domain is a unique name that identifies a Web. They are made up more of two or€¦

 And if somebody already is using the domain that I would like to use?

The domains are unique, so that only a proprietor can use them. If€¦

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