Error 500 in script in Perl

This error usually occurs by the following reasons: 1. - Forward edge of script not€¦

 Which is Path a?

Sendmail: /usr/sbin/sendmail Perl: /usr/bin/perl Dates: /bin/date WHOIS: /usr/bin/whois..

 Which are the dates of beginning and aim for the calculation of data transfer?

The calculation of data transfer begins at the outset and finishes at the end of every month€¦.

 How I can see from where comes all the traffic from my site?

You will be able to see it with the programs of statistics integrated in your Control Panel.

 Of what the lodging of websites consists?

The lodging of websites (hosting) is a service that provides everything what a Web needs€¦

 Why we don't offer accounts with limitless characteristics?

We will do it when we find hard disks with limitless capacity and connections to Internet€¦

 Why are our plans economic and have more benefits?

There are several reasons: We directly buy the bandwidth to the main suppliers€¦

 I can administer my site via Web?

Yes, our Control Panel based on Web offers very many possibilities, by€¦

 I can change my plan of hosting once contracted?

By all means, no problem.

 I can buy additional space in disc, data transfer, or modify other characteristics offered by a plan?

By all means, no problem.

 I can have multiple accounts?

All that you wish. If you have several consider the possibility of asking for an account€¦

 What happens if I exceed the monthly amount assigned account data transfer?

A page will be the visitors automatically indicating that€¦

 Have all accounts their own will Control Panel?

Yes, nevertheless, additional and parked domains share the Control Panel with€¦

 I will have access to statistics that allow me to analyze the traffic in my Web?

Yes, from the Control Panel you will have access to several programs of€¦

 I have access to webmail?

Yes, it is possible to accede to all the accounts of mail being used a navigating Web€¦

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