03. - Management of mail

The account of mail by defect

When being created your account has been created an account of mail by defect that acts as receiving of post office badly directed. Any mail sent to a nonexistent email address in your domain will be given in this account.

For example, if somebody sends a message to [email protected] and you have not created any account of mail for Pepe, this one message will be received in the account by defect, that is to say [email protected].

By the previous thing it is important that you read the post office in this account from time to time. You can form it just as the others in your client of mail. The USA as user the name of user of the Control Panel (without @tudominio.com) and as password the one of the Control Panel. Also you can accede from the Control Panel, To manage the mail, Mail Web (webmail).

Many spammers use the previous thing to send post office to invented post office, without knowing if really they exist, with the hope of that they finish in this account by defect, reason why is very probable that you are receiving much Spam in her. Also it has been put fashionable lately that spammers puts as email origin of the post office that send some account of mail invented of some domain, reason why all the post office that bounce you can arrive at that account if it has used your domain, and can be per thousand hour leaving you without disc space.

Recommendation: Since every time there are more problems with this account of mail by defect, the best thing is than you create the mail accounts that you need and you deactivate it:

  • It enters the Control Panel, To manage the mail, Mail default, and chooses the option €˜To reject and to send error to the sender (at the time of the smtp)€™. The message you can leave it as it is.
  • You must do the previous thing for all the domains and subdomains that you have lodged in your account, you see choosing them of the drop-down one.

To add and to eliminate mail accounts

 Visual Demo available in our section of tutorial

It accedes to the Control Panel, To manage the mail, Accounts of mail, To add to a new account of stuffed mail and these data:

  • Email: It keys the name of the new account, only the text that goes before @.
  • Password: It keys the password for the mail account.
  • Assigned size the account (optional): It keys the maximum size in Megabyte of the mail mailbox. Optional, if you do not put anything will not be limited.

And the button beats To create.

In order to eliminate a mail account, it chooses of the drop-down one that corresponds to the account which you want to eliminate the option To eliminate account.

Answering machines

This option allows you to send a mail of answer, of automatic form, when a mail in the mail account is received that you indicate. In addition to creating the answering machine for that email address, you must have created that account of mail to receive the mail that they have sent to you. If you do not have it created will send the auto answer but the mail is lost that they have sent to you.

 Visual Demo available in our section of tutorial

In order to create it, it enters the Control Panel, To manage the mail, Answering machines, beats in Adding stuffed to answering machine and these data:

  • Email address: She keys the mail account in which you wish the car answer.
  • Of: She keys a descriptive name for the mail account (that receives the car answer, will read that mail is of that we put here).
  • Subject: It keys the title of the car message answer.
  • Body: The text of the message.

And the button beats To create.

Redirigir mail and Alias of mail

It allows you to redirigir the post office that send you to an account of mail to another email address. If first it exists will keep in her a copy from the redirigido mail. If you do not want that happens flock the mail account and leaves only the redirection, you will be creating an alias.

 Visual Demo available in our section of tutorial

It enters the Control Panel, To manage the mail, Alias and I resend. One will be to the dialogue picture Alias and sendings back (from which also the redirections can be eliminated that no longer interest to us). It beats in Adding I resend.

In the text picture previous to @, it keys the name of the account that you wish to redirect. In Destination it indicates to which one is going away to redirigir, if you want to discard the mail that arrives or to send it to script.

The button beats To add.

NOTE: Well-taken care of Ten when redirijas post office between your accounts not to create a curl. If To he is redirigido to B, that is redirigido as well to A, you will create an infinite loop that will block all accounts.

The creation of Alias is similar, in this case allows us to indicate that when arrives post office at certain email address, it sends them to another one. First it acts of €œalias€ of second, that is the one that really exists.


You can prevent that at a certain account of mail certain type from mail placing filters for the email address of the sender, the head of the message arrives, title or for any phrase that appears in the body of the own message.

It enters the Control Panel, To manage the mail, To filter mail accounts or To filter mail (for all the domain).

The USA the drop-down ones to select what you want to leak. For example if you wish to leak messages with pornographic content, you could select Subject, Body or Any head in the first pull-down menu and Contains of the second pull-down menu. Next it keys a word or phrase that appears frequently in the Affair, Body or Head of the message, the messages with pornographic content, for example sex. If you do not wish to receive messages of a certain email address, in the first pull-down menu, selects Of, in the second €˜he is equal to€™ and in the picture text it keys the email address.

The button beats To activate.


You will be able to accede to your accounts of mail from any navigator in the direction:
Or easier to remember:
This last one is in fact one redirection to the previous one.

After accepting the warning of security on the certificate, will be a dialogue picture in which you will have to introduce your name of user and password:

  • Name of user: Complete direction of the e-mail account to which you wish to accede. For example [email protected]
  • Password: The password (password) that you assigned to the mail account when to create it.

NOTE: There is an exception, to accede to the account of mail by defect ([email protected]) and not to that you have created from the Control Panel, the user name must be the name of user of the Control Panel and the password also must be the one of the Control Panel.

You will be able to choose between three programs of webmail mail: Horde, SquirrelMail and RoundCube.

Shipment of massive mail

As you will understand we did not tolerate the Spam, understood as shipment of mail nonasked for, it gives just as it is a mail or thousands. You must understand that you cannot send post office to which has not asked for it to you or they have given its consent you when registering itself in your Web. By all means, there is no problem in which you have a list of mail in your Web and send post office to which they have scored voluntarily. If you are going to send many post office ten in account the following thing:

  • There is a limitation of 1000 post office per hour and domain.
  • Script uses some that allows you to send them little by little not to saturate the servant, we recommended PHPList or Dada Mail, first you have it in your Control Panel, Fantastic. Form it little by little so that it less than sends 1000 post office per hour, and, for example 10 every minute, that would be 600 per hour.
  • In the post office that you send it clearly indicates the person who receives it that she is receiving it because has scored at your bulletin, because it has given to its consent when registering themselves or the reason that is, that it is clear to him why it is receiving the mail and it understands that it is not Spam. Also you must indicate a form to him easy to be retired of future shipments.

As reference we mentioned article 21 of the LSSI (Law of Services of the Society of the Information).

Article 21. Prohibition of commercial communications realised through e-mail or equivalent electronic mass media.

1. It is prohibited the by email electronic shipment of communications advertising or promotional or another specifically authorized mass media electronic equivalent that had previously not been asked for or by the adressees of the same.

2. The arranged thing in the previous section will not be of application when a contractual relation exists previous, whenever the lender had collected from allowed form the data of contact of the adressee and he would use them for the shipment of referring commercial communications to products or services of his own company that are similar to that initially they were object of hiring with the client.

In any case, the lender will have to offer to the adressee the possibility of being against to the treatment of his data with promotional aims by means of a simple and gratuitous procedure, as much at the time of collection of the data as in each one of the commercial communications that direct to him.

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