11. - Backup copies (backups)

This option allows you to unload in a compressed file the content of the archives, folders and data bases that exist in your account. It is an excellent way to realise backups periodic.

We realised daily copies of all the accounts, but they are thought to be able to reclaim the accounts in case of failure hardware of the servant. We will be able to help you if sometimes you need to reclaim some file or data base of your account, but is not the main objective of backups that we realised.

You can do it from the Control Panel, To handle files, Backup copies, have several options:

Backups system: This option you can unload last backup daily, weekly or monthly realised by us. We recommended to you that you use this option lowering the newspaper (daily), thus you avoid that backup becomes to generate another one, something that consumes enough resources in the servant.

Full backup: This option generates backup when to request it. You will be able to indicate that it leaves it to you in the root of your account or a servant FTP (useful for example if you have contracted our remote service of backup).

Both previous you cannot recover them by same you, but they have the advantage of which they include absolutely everything in your account, with him we, or another supplier of hosting, can completely reclaim your account in another servant.

Partial backups: You can unload backups partial, only of the files (home backup), of the data bases one to one and of the redirections and filters of mail that you have. In order to recover a realised backup copy previously, it uses the sections €˜To restitute/Restore€¦€™.

 Visual Demo available in our section of tutorial

NOTE FOR WINDOWS USERS: The security archives unload tablets in format .tar.gz, a format of compression very used in machines with operating system Linux. There are utilities in surroundings Windows to decompress these archives, as WinRar.

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