21/05/2008 - 16:30 hours
The access to the servers is slower of the normal thing due to a cut in an optical fiber canalization that has taken place near datacenter. The access through the network of Level 3 is interrupted and the access through the seriously damaged network of ATT, although the other two suppliers of network on which it counts datacenter work with normality and the access is possible, but slower of the normal thing.

At this moment one is working against the clock in his resolution but we cannot consider how much one will take in solving it, although would not have to be more of a few hours. We will update this warning when we have more details.

SOLVED - to 22:00 hours

The failure has been solved and the access is almost normal, is a slight saturation in the connections due to the elevated traffic more of the normal thing after these 6 hours in which the access has been difficult, but shortly, a pair of hours, will be standardized totally.

Wednesday, Mayo 21, 2008


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