05. - The Administrator of files

The Administrator of files who includes the Control Panel is a very powerful resource to work with the files and folders.

With him you will be able to conduct operations that with other suppliers of hosting you would have to realise by means of telnet or FTP, for example the change of permissions for files and folders, the load of files from the hard disk of your computer, creation and edition of pages HTML and text files directly in the servant, or the creation and elimination of folders.

In order to work with the Administrator of files, it accedes to the section, Control Panel To handle files, Administrator of files.

The Administrator of files is in a new window that is divided in two panels:

  • The left panel shows to the folders and files of the website.
  • The right panel indicates the actions to us that we can realise with the folder or file that we have selected in the left panel and also shows the content of the Wastebasket.

In the left panel there are connections to create new files or folders or to load files from the hard disk of our computer. To the right of each folder or file it appears a column (if one is folders) or two columns (if it is a file) with some numbers. The column of the left indicates the size of the file and the right the permissions of that file or folder.

When click becomes on the graph that represents a folder, that folder is opened and shows its content.

When one becomes click on the name of a file or folder (on the text, not on the graph), in the right panel you will see the actions that you can realise with that file or folder.

When you eliminate a file or folder will move to the Wastebasket. In the right panel you can see the content of the Wastebasket, is enough with clicking in the name of a file or folder and this one will be recovered to its original location. It also has a connection to drain the Wastebasket.

NOTE: It remembers that only he is visible through Internet what there is in the folder public_html. You do not publish nor you eliminate any settled folder or file in your plan of hosting, is essential for their correct operation. You would not have, unless you are very safe than you are doing, to work outside the folder public_html.

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