[SOLVED] Problem with accents in the Area of Client

Since you observe are problems with the accents and e±es in the part of management of clients. One is due to an update of the system that we used and we hoped to solve it in some days. It affects to tickets old (one is not to anything if they contain accents or e±es), emails and data of user (strange characters are seen) and invoices already generated€¦ To read more €œ

30th Sep 2018
[COMPLETED] Resumption of all the servers and VPS

Between the 22 and 24 hours of today, 18 of February, we will reinitiate all the servers due to a critical vulnerability in the bookstore glibc:

The servers will only be inaccessible 5-10 minutes.

COMPLETED: To the 23:50 hours we have finished reinitiating all the servers.

18th February 2016
[COMPLETED] Maintenance hardware servant noch.noc-h.com

20/12/2015 Completado19/12/2015Anoche we could not complete the disc change, the copy of the files was taking much more of the awaited thing and not to prolong the time of nonavailability excessively we chose to change the strategy. Instead of copy all the data with the dull servant we made it with the ignited servant, thus everything€¦ To read more €œ

18th Dic 2015
Serious vulnerability in all the versions of Joomla

If you do not use Joomla this warning does not affect to you. For some days one serious vulnerability has been detected that affects to all the versions of Joomla. It allows to raise files the servant and is being exploded intensively, reads please: http://blog.segu-info.com.ar/2015/12/vulnerabilidad-y-exploit-0-day-en.htmlSi you use it is urgent that you apply€¦ To read more €œ

16th Dic 2015
COMPLETED - Resumption of all the servers

In afternoon/night of today, 9 of April, we will reinitiate all the servers due to a critical vulnerability in OpenSSL: http://www.elmundo.es/tecnologia/2014/04/09/53450b9b268e3e9f128b456e.htmlAunque for days the patch has been applied in all the servers we preferred to reinitiate them before the gravity of the vulnerability for€¦ Reading more €œ

9th Abr 2014
SOLVED - 09/10/2013 - slow Microcortes and acesso to all the servers

28/09/2013 16:00: For one hour approximately we are detecting you microcut and slow access to all the servers. In the servers there is no problem, so it must be network problem. And reason why it seems the problem affects only to Telef³nica (Movistar) because all the clients who have contacted with us have it as€¦ Reading more €œ

28th Sep 2013
Resumption of several VPS and servers

In the next minutes we will reinitiate the majority of the servers and VPS to update kernel due to one serious vulnerability recently discovered.

Minutes will only be inaccessible 5-10.

29th June 2013
[COMPLETED] Resumption of several VPS

Due to one it burdens vulnerability in kernel of Linux that affects to the virtualization software which we used in the VPS throughout the morning from datacenter are going to update it and to reinitiate the majority of the VPS.Entendemos that is not the best hour but the vulnerability is very serious and we have jointly decided with datacenter that€¦ To read more €œ

3rd Mayo 2013
Serious vulnerabilities in plugins of wordpress

Recently vulnerabilities in two are shortage serious plugins of wordpress that are used to frisk content and to improve their yield: Total W3 Super CacheWP CachSi you use them updates them as rapidly as possible, is not enough with deactivating them. You can find more details and connections to the Webs of those plugins to unload the last version€¦ To read more €œ

27th Abr 2013
Update of Fantastic

New script:
- Joomla 2.5


14th Nov 2012

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