28/09/2013 16:00: For one hour approximately we are detecting you microcut and slow access to all the servers. In the servers there is no problem, so it must be network problem. And reason why it seems the problem affects only to Telef³nica (Movistar) because all the clients who have contacted with us have it as supplier of Internet.

We hope that they can solve it soon.

18:31: The previous thing is confirmed:

1:50: Our system of monitoring has not detected more problems of access from the 1:30, seems that he is definitively resolute.

03/10/2013 12:30: It seems that it returns to happen.

03/10/2013 12:40: Solved.

09/10/2013 10:50: Again it returns to happen. We recommend to call to Telef³nica to put a complaint. Reason why we have found out the problem is in Level3, a transit network that Telef³nica uses to arrive when datacenter where we have the servers, and surely has agreements of interconnection with other data networks and can turn aside the traffic by them, if they can and they want.

09/10/2013 14:00: Solved.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


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