Where located are the servers?

In center of Data of Lansing, Minnesota, with superfluous connections through Savvis, Cable & Wireless and AT&T.

Account with biometric scanners, is present at physics of technicians and monitoring 24x7, uninterrupted feeding (225 KW), refrigeration VESDA, control system and suppression of fires FM200, etc.

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Monitor themselves do the servers and their operation?

By all means, every 5 minutes one externally monitors the connectivity and the services (CPanel,€¦

I can use MS Frontpage extensions?

We have not activated them in the servers, since our servers are Linux and in them not€¦

I can use any type of program cgi?

Almost all the programs Perl cgi will work in our servers, although there are so many€¦

I can use

Yes, but it tries not to program them every minute and tries that they do not consume excessive resources€¦

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