We have updated the Area of Client and are new features, we recommended to you that you enter and you see it by same you:

Making a route by the main new features in the order in which they appear the options in the menu of the left in your Area of Client, we have:

My data, Administration contacts and To add new contact

You can create all the contacts that you wish and assign preferences to them concerning notifications by email. For example, you can create a contact that only receives warnings regarding tickets of support, other that only receives notifications on invoicing, etc, etc. we recommended to You that at least you create a contact for invoicing subjects although you are you yourself with another email, thus you will be safe to receive the warnings when invoices are created.

These contacts will receive copy of the post office that you indicate when creating them, the main contact of your account will continue receiving all the post office as until now.

My domains, Autorenovar

By defect this option you will have it activated. If at some time you do not wish to renew a domain you can deactivate this opci ³n and thus invoice will not be generated when its renovation approaches. Ten in account that to have activated it does not mean that we are going to renew it automatically, only indicates that invoice will be generated when is called on to renew it, will renew when you pay it.

My domains, To block Registry

It blocks the domain, recommended to avoid transferences nonwished of the domain. The domains .es cannot be blocked, you will not see this option.

My domains, Code EPP

You can obtain code EPP or Auth Code, in case you want to transfer the domain to another recorder. Ten in account that the domains .es do not have code EPP, you will not see this option.

My domains, To register NameServers

It allows to register DNS deprived concerning domain, but they must be formed in the servant so that they work, reason why this option is only useful for which they have a plan to reseller and we have formed them his DNS deprived in the servant. Option nonavailable for domains .es, you must to us ask that we do it.

Search name of domain available

You have two options, simple search and massive search. First it allows you to indicate a domain and the extensions that interest to you, second it is thought to register many domains simultaneously, allows to indicate simultaneously up to 20 domains.

To solicit

Now it is possible to ask for several products or services in a same request, before if you wanted two domains you had to make two requests and two invoices were generated, now it is not necessary, you can add/to clear everything what you want and pay all together one in an only invoice.

Also it is possible in the case of asking for domains to indicate that the contact data will be different from the data that appear in your Area of Client.

Thursday, Julio 10, 2008


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