08. - Analysis and files of registry: Statistics and registry of errors

It accedes to the Statistic, Control Panel and registry. You have several options:

  • Last visitors: Sample information of the 300 last visitors of your Web.
  • Data transfer: Graphical information on the data transfer realised in plan of hosting.
  • Webalizer and Awstats: Two programs of management of statistics. Awstats is more graphical and intuitive.
  • To handle registries of accesses: You can indicate that the files keep from log in your account and unload them to analyze them in your PC with some system of management of statistics. We did not recommend to use this option because they will occupy much disc space in your account.
  • Registry of errors: It shows the errors that have taken place in your Web, images nonloaded, lost archives, etc. Agrees that you review it, will help you to optimize your Web.
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