01. - First steps, a fast guide

We summarize in the form of fast guide the most important information that you must consider to use your account. In other sections of this Center of Documentation you will find extended some subjects.

The welcome mail

Once contracted to your plan of hosting and/or domain, and formalized the payment, you will also receive in some hours a mail of welcome with the data of access to your account of hosting and the confirmation of the registry of the domain if you have contracted it with us.

Servers DNS

You will have to form your domain so that he uses the servers DNS (nameservers) who we will indicate you in the welcome mail. If you have registered the domain with us we will have done it we when registering it, review it in your Area of Client, My domains.

You will have to hope between 6 and 48 hours until this information propagates in Internet and can accede to your account using your domain.


Access to the Control Panel

Once propagated the changes in servers DNS you will be able to accede to your Control Panel in the direction:

Or easier to remember:
This last one is in fact one redirection to the previous one.

The USA the name of user and password that we indicated you in the welcome mail. Surely your navigator shows a warning to you on the certificate, is normal because cPanel uses autofirmados certificates, are equal of insurances that the gratuitous signed ones but. He accepts the warning of security, permanently if your navigator allows it to you, and you will not return to see it until within a year when the certificate regenerates.

To raise your files

You must accede through FTP. Although is possible to use Internet Explorer or other navigators to accede by FTP, we did not recommend to you, usually they give it problems. It is better than you use a client FTP, are many gratuitous ones, you have some here. As servant FTP you must use ftp.tudominio.com, also you can use direction IP temporarily while the changes in the DNS of your domain propagate.

The USA the name of user and password that we indicated you in the welcome mail, are the same that allow you to accede to the Control Panel.

When entering your account you will see several folders, you must raise to the files of your Web within the folder public_html (or www, is a connection to public_html, are the same in fact). We recommend not to touch the rest of folders, are necessary for the operation of the mail, Control Panel, statistics, etc.

The main page of your Web (the one that will be seen in the navigators after keying your name of domain) will have to be called index.htm, index.html or index.php. Ten in account that Linux distinguishes between capital letters and small letters, we recommended you that always names your files in small letters if you use Windows in your PC not to have problems when raising them the servant.

In order to load archives from your computer, in addition to FTP, you can use the File manager to which you can from the Control Panel, To handle files.

Accounts of mail and webmail

Here you can find detailed information on the creation of accounts of mail, Webmail access and all that with the mail.

Data bases MySQL

You do not create them from phpmyadmin, follows the three steps that the videotutorial Crear indicates data bases MySQL.

By security you do not use the same user/password of your Control Panel for the access to the data bases, if it beams you will have problems if we changed to you of plan and also he supposes a security risk. If somebody finds a vulnerability in some of your scripts first that will do will be to raise your account some script to see your files, it will find user and password in some file of configuration of some of your scripts and will be able to accede to your Control Panel.


You have many videotutoriales that explain the most habitual tasks graphically to realise from your Control Panel.

SSH access

Telnet is deshabilitado by security. In order to accede via SSH connect to you to tudominio.com

SSH allows to enter the servant way console. It can be to you useful to install scripts if you are familiarized with the use of Linux from line of commandos. As SSH client we recommended Putty (gratuitous).

NOTE: By defect when creating the account also we deactivated the access via SSH, since the majority of the users does not use and supposes it a security risk. If in your case really you need opens it a ticket through our Center of Support and we qualified it to you.

Scripts cgi

Your folder cgi has following path absolute: /home/usuario/public_html/cgi-bin. The URL or direction is http://www.tudominio.com/cgi-bin

You must place your scripts cgi in the folder cgi-bin that is within the folder public_html.

Assure you to raise always archives cgi in ASCII (in binary if they are precompiled) and giving permissions them 755 so that they are feasible. You can change to the permissions of archives and folders from the File manager of the Control Panel or from your client FTP.

For scripts Perl, forward edge of scripts it must indicate path to the interpreter of Perl:
#! /usr/bin/perl

Global URL €œCGI-BIN€ is http://www.tudominio.com/cgy-sys. This folder contains a series of CGIs settled (Control Panel - > Scripts settled - > Center cgi) that will allow that some of the autoinstalables applications, as the mail forms, work correctly.

To change the password

When creating to you the account we have assigned an initial password to you, you will find it in the mail of welcome with the access data. We advised to you that you change it, you can do it from Preference, the Control Panel, Change password.

 Visual Demo available in our section of tutorial

NOTE: When changing the password of access for the Control Panel you will also change the password of the main account of FTP and the account of mail by defect.

Backup copies

It realises periodic backup copies of the content of your website, as much of the archives as of the data bases. Although we realised daily backup copies, are thought to be able to reclaim the accounts in case of failure hardware. You can do it from the Control Panel, Handle files, Backup copies. More details here.

 Visual Demo available in our section of tutorial


10 days before the date of renovation of any service an invoice will be created to you and it will be notified to you by email. You will have to enter your Area of Client and to pay it by means of some of the forms of payment that we accepted. Reminders will be sent to you periodically and if you have not phelp to that invoice 15 days after the date of renovation your account will be suspended. In your Area of Client you have all the generated invoices so that you can unload them.

If you wish to cancel your account with us remembers to warn to us at least 15 days ahead so that it is not generated that invoice 10 days before the date of renovation. If an invoice is generated you are forced to pay it.

Email of contact

Mant©n always in you Area of Client and the Control Panel of your account a valid email and that you often read. He is the one that we will use to contact with you if there are problems with your account or subjects regarding the invoicing. If we cannot contact with you you can be found your account suspended by not to have read in time our warnings.

Monthly data transfer

If you exceed the monthly transference your account will be suspended automatically. When arriving at 80% the Control Panel will automatically send post office to warn to you to you, the subject of the mail will be €œThe tudominio.com (usuary) is about to exceed bandwidth limit (consumed/total Megs)€, as you see indicates to you what you have consumed until that moment of the total that you have contracted.

In the calculation of the consumed monthly transference everything is entered: accesses Web, mail, FTP, etc. 

You always can buy more additional transference from your Area of Client (My plans of hosting, select the account, extras for the account), at the end of this page you have the cost, or to raise of plan. If you have an annual plan we will credit the amount to you nonconsumed for the new plan.

If you develop your own scripts

You would not have to consider your account as surroundings of development, but as surroundings of production where you only must raise scripts proven, that in addition joint parties with other clients. I know careful because every time we have more problems in this sense. Gratuitous packages as PHP Triad or FoxServ exist with which you can install in your PC in 10 minutes surroundings of work similar to the one of your account. Look for in Google and you will find much information, tutorial and guides to them of installation.

Mant©n updated scripts that you use

It must be the main preoccupation of a good one to webmaster, if beams will not finish it operating some vulnerability or problem of security that is shortage to him to the version which you use, and to all some is discovered to them sooner or later, and you will be with your hackeada Web, with which the passwords have robbed you, the data of your visitors or have made Spam from your account having strained to you some script. And every month we have some case, be will you the next one? More information here.

And please, you do not leave your Web. If you cannot maintain it or you think not to renew, you do not leave it, to only will bring problems us to all by the previous thing, it is better than you say it to us and we cancel your account, or desinstala scripts and leaves the static minimum at least or simply contained (pages HTML).

Some advice

The passwords: Ten in account that distinguishes between capital letters and small letters. €˜Caps lock€™ verifies the state of the key before changing it. By security never you use the password of your account for the passwords of the accounts of mail or users of Data bases. If somebody is able to discover the password of one of your accounts of mail, that cannot accede at least to your Control Panel or enter via FTP your account. It uses a mixture of numerical and alphanumeric characters, with at least 6 characters, so that it is more difficult to guess.

File names: The folder and file names in Linux distinguish between capital letters and small letters. As it regulates general we advised that you avoid accents, e±es and you use small letters for all archives and folders if you work in Windows to avoid problems when raising them your account.

FTP and types of archives: You will have to transfer pages HTML or php, scripts CGIs in Perl, or text files as text ASCII files. You will have to transfer the compiled images, archives cgi, .zip, etc. as binary files. Many programs of FTP are able to distinguish between everyone being based on the extension of the archives.

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