07. - To personalize error pages

You will be able to form the errors that the users of your Web see when acceding to your Web. For example if they try to accede to a page that does not exist, will receive in his navigator error €œ404 File not found€. With this option you can intercept that error, so that they are redirigidos to another page of your Web.

It accedes to the section, Control Panel Tools outposts, Page of error. It beats on the number of error of the page that you wish to personalize. Will be to you a new page with a dialogue picture in which you must write code HTML of the page that will replace that by defect they show the navigators (you can create the page with your publishing favorite Web, copy the code and stick it in the text picture).

In order to finish to beam click in the button Keeping.

 Visual Demo available in our section of tutorial

NOTE: Customized pages of error of more of 10K are not in Internet Explorer. Other navigators can have similar limitations, consult their documentation and try that they are not very great.

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