If you do not use Joomla this warning does not affect to you.

For some days one serious vulnerability has been detected that affects to all the versions of Joomla. It allows to raise files the servant and is being exploded intensively, reads please:

If you use it is urgent that you apply the security patches which they have published, if you are using version 3.4 you have the updates (Upgrade Packages) in:

For older versions, and given the gravity of the vulnerability, they also have published patches:
Version 1.5: It applies patches available both, where it says €˜to Download the€¦€™
Version 2.5: Where it says €˜to Download the Remote Code Execution Patch€™ in the previous direction.

It is as simple as to unload the patches, to decompress them and to raise the files that contain to the servant sobrescribiendo the existing ones. And you must do it, is not something optional, but it is time question that affects to you, they erase files, they rob information or they send Spam.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


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