09. - Data bases MySQL and PhpMyAdmin

You can create data bases MySQL from your Control Panel, Data bases, Data bases MySQL. Three steps are necessary:

  1. To create the data base (New Data base).
  2. To create a user of access to the data base (New User).
  3. To give access permissions to that user (To add user Base de Datos).

 Visual Demo available in our section of tutorial

If one forgets to you the password of a user you can erase it and always return to create it. Assure to you to recreate the user, ten well-taken care of not erasing the data base.

NOTE: As much to the name of the data base as to the name of the user usuario_ is added to him automatically to the area code, where usuary it is the name of user of your account.

In your scripts you must put as basic servant of data:

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