20/12/2015 Completed


Last night we could not complete the disc change, the copy of the files was taking much more of the awaited thing and not to prolong the time of nonavailability excessively we chose to change the strategy.

Instead of copy all the data with the dull servant we made it with the ignited servant, thus everything is operative. The disadvantage is that tonight we needed to stop it to little do the final synchronization, as or they are all the files in new discs and the majority does not change is much more fast, one hour or the more. We will do it to the same hour, to 12 at night.


Today to 12 at night we will realise maintenance hardware in the servant:
Main IP

For some days we are observing problems in the accesses disc, but it is not clear if the problem is in own discs, the controller RAID or cables. In order to avoid partial substitutions with its corresponding time of nonavailability we have I decide to change simultaneously all the discs, the controller RAID and the cables, and of step to be useful to mount discs SSD, which will improve the much more fast yield to the being enough. The disadvantage is that there is to extinguish the servant and to copy the content of present discs to the new ones before mounting them and taking the servant again, and that has been time, 2-3 hours.

Therefore the servant will be inaccessible 2-3 hours tonight from the 12 at night approximately. We lament the annoyances but it is necessary to avoid the evils majors. The mail that they send to you not you will lose it, the mail servers origin they will keep it, try again later and be able to give it.

Friday, December 18, 2015


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