What is a domain?

A domain is a unique name that identifies a Web. They are made up of two or more terms, separated by points, for example, mojipage.com.

The domains are used because they are simpler to remember. Each connected equipment to Internet has a unique number that identifies it, its direction IP. These numbers are often arbitrary, for that reason he is better to use domains instead of numbers. For example, it is easier to remember €œwww.ebay.com€ that €œ66.135.208.87€.
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I can create subdomains as for example http://ejemplo.dominio.com?

Yes, all that you want, we allowed limitless subdomains in all the plans.

It is possible to change my domain?

We can change to you without cost the domain for which is formed your hosting, but not€¦

I can use my domain with or without the www term?

Yes, you will be able to accede to your Web with or without www.

How long I have to wait for until my name of domain is effective?

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I can use international domains?

Yes, we provided with accomodations international domains without no problem.

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