06. - To protect folders with password

In order to protect a directory with password, it accedes to the Security, Control Panel, Protection of directories:

1. - To accede to the subfolders of a folder, you click in the icon that represents it.
2. - A located time the folder to protect, you click in his name (not in the icon).
3. - The folder selects to the square €˜requires password to accede via http://'.
4. - A name for the folder writes that you wish to protect in the picture Name of the protected resource.
5. - A name of user for the folder keys to protect in the name of user and a password in the picture Password.
6. - Beam click in the button To add user.

If you wish to add new users, it repeats the steps 5 and 6 so many times as it is necessary.

 Visual Demo available in our section of tutorial

NOTE: This protection is to only protect the access to folders via Web, does not create users FTP.

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