12. - Update of scripts installed

It is important that you maintain directly updated scripts that you install, or through Softaculous. If beams will not finish it operating some vulnerability or problem of security that is shortage to him to the version which you use, and to all some is discovered to them sooner or later, and you will be with your hackeada Web, with which the passwords have robbed you, the data of your visitors or have made Spam from your account having strained to you some script.

If you have installed them from Softaculous when you enter him from your Control Panel will review if there is some update available and it will offer to you to update it. If you update it will do the following thing:

  • It will create backup of the folder where it is installed and softaculous in the root of your account will leave it in the folder.
  • It will copy the new files on the present ones.
  • It will update the data base if it is necessary.

If you have installed them by your account the procedure will be similar only that raising manually the new files and updating the data base with some script that includes the new version. It often visits the Web of the creators of script to maintain to you informed and if they have some list of mail where they warn of the updates aim to you. Also usually they have forums where you can obtain help in case of doubts or problems when updating.

We know that sometimes he is laborious to make these updates, although when they have become a pair of times one realizes of which it is not so difficult. And scripts is not excuse not to update your. If we observed attacks against script updated we will not be forced to suspend your account to protect to the rest of clients with whom joint parties the servant, so better it updates with tranquillity when it is necessary or soon the haste will come.

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