Forms of payment

You can realise the payment through card, Paypal or by means of banking transference.

The payments by means of banking transference you will have to realise them to a bank account in Spain, therefore it is only practical for residents in Spain. In payments with card there are two options:
  • Cards (processed in Spain): It is demanded that the card is activated for safe payment, what is called Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode. The system will contact with the bank of issue of the card and you will have to identify to you. It is the system recommended for payments with card, more surely for you and us. If your card is not activated for safe payment contacts with your bank, the majority activates it immediately and free just by to call to telephone bank.
  • Cards (processed by in the USA): In this case they are processed by, their forms are in English and is less strict than the previous one with cards. Úsalo only as a last resort if you see that there is no form to pay with the previous one.