Dedicated servers

We have an ample rank of servers dedicated, from low range to configurations with several servers using a load examiner of accounts.

Dedicating allows total control of the system concerning administrator (root) and is adapted for whom they have Webs with many visits that demand much monthly transference or consume many resources, resellers or companies that need the reliability and the isolation that offers to them to have its own servant.

Totally administered

We gave it totally to you formed, you will only have to add accounts from the Control Panel WHM. We were in charge of all the aspects regarding updates, security, patches, monitoring, daily inspection of logs, etc. That is to say, of the administration and operation of the servant. The tasks that are possible to realise from cPanel or WHM, nor scripts or programs are not included that you install by your account.

If you want we will give to access root you, but you do not want complications you will not have access root and you will decide the access level that you want to have:

  • If you have one or several great Webs we can create them and give access only cPanel. Or to create an account to reseller and to give access to you cPanel and WHM so that you administer them you yourself
  • If you have a plan to reseller we will give access you to WHM/cPanel, you will continue doing what beams until now, you must learn nothing new neither to worry to you don't mention it the more

An example

The characteristics and prices are in continuous change, if you are interested contacts with us and we do an adapted concrete proposal to you to your needs.

We left an example you so that you become an idea than we can offer to you. The characteristics and the price can vary, surely to better.


  • Intel Xeon E3-1230 v6
  • 4 cores to 3.5 GHz HT (8 cores logical)
  • 16 GB memory DDR4
  • 2 discs SSD of 500 GB in RAID 1
  • Disc backup SATA 1 TV
  • 5 TV monthly transference
  • 2 IPs dedicated
  • CentOS 7
  • cPanel/WHM and Softaculous
  • Limitless remote Backup, everything what you need
  • Discounts: A month free in annual payment and the equivalent to half annual month in semester payment
299 €/mes

Common characteristics

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  • WHM/cPanel and Softaculous

    You will have WHM, the Control Panel that give total control you on your accounts, you can administer to your space in disc and monthly transference as you wish

    All the accounts that you create will have the Control Panel cPanel multilanguage and autoinstalador Softaculous with more than 400 scripts

  • PHP

    We will form it so that you have several versions available to choose by account

  • Certificates

    Certificates without extra cost for safe access to all the domains and subdomains that you lodge (https), to the mail, cPanel, webmail and FTP, to improve the security

  • Backups

    We will form cPanel to do backups daily, weekly and monthly based on your needs and of the disc which you have

    Once per week we will copy backup to a remote location in another datacenter, without disc limit, everything what you need

  • IPs dedicated

    2 including but you can contract more by only 1 Euro/month by each dedicated IP. They are not necessary to have certificates, most probable is than you do not need more