Legal warning

The use and access to the contents that the present Webpage lodges imply the knowledge and acceptance of the present general conditions that they have as objective to inform to the users of the rights, uses, prohibitions, responsibilities, etc., that prevail at the time of sailing by the Webpage ownership of MINERVA HOSTING, S.L.U. - in ahead, MINERVA HOSTING-.

The Webpage lodges contents and subject products to rights of intellectual and industrial property. The abusive use of those outside the limits authorized could be responsibility obstacle, for that reason we advised to the use under the parameters of responsibility and good faith.



The present general conditions regulate the access, navigation and use of the Webpage of the organization MINERVA HOSTING, situated in the following direction. In the same way, the responsibilities derived from the use of their contents are regulated - texts, graphs, drawings, designs, photographies, software, codes, videos, music, international data bases, images, information as well as any other creation protected by the national laws and treaties on intellectual and industrial property that the holder puts at the disposal of the users through his Webpage.

The conditions that govern the different services available in the Webpage of are subject to the following norm, in the part that is to him of application: Law 34/2002, of 11 of July, Services of the Society of the Information and Electronic Commerce; Statutory law 15/1999, of 13 dediciembre, Protection of Personal Data of Personal Character; European law GDPR: Law 7/1996, of 15 of January, Arrangement of the Retail Commerce; Law 26/1984, of 19 of July, General for the Defense of the Consumers and Users; and all that one norm that is of analogous application.



In accordance with article 10 of Law 34/2002, into 11 of July, Services of the Society of the Information and Electronic Commerce, we informed that the accessible Webpage from the domain is ownership of MINERVA HOSTING, with number of CIF B85065258 and head office in Stroll of Havana, 9-11 to them (Unicentro Building) into the locality into Madrid with postal code 28036.

Also, we informed to him that MINERVA HOSTING is titular or has the corresponding license of use on the different contents - texts, photographies, drawings, designs, software, source code and incorporated information from the effect set out throughout the Portal Web.



MINERVA HOSTING informs of the users different mass media, through which You will be able to put yourself in touch to send any suggestion, question or any other circumstances to us that consider opportune in relation to the Web and the contents lodged in the same.

E-mail: [email protected]

Postal mail:

Stroll of Havana, 9-11 (Unicentro Building)
280036 of Madrid

In case You have some consultation, suggestion or commentaries in relation to products and/or services available or contracted, the same us she will be able to make arrive through the following email address: [email protected] Also, they have a space within the own Webpage where they will be able to carry out any consultation or commentaries, and through Area of Clients the clients will be able to make all the commentaries to contracted products and/or services.


Use of the Webpage and Services

The navigation and the use of the Webpage as well as the majority of the services contained in the same are completely gratuitous meeting of express form and without no type of reserves the general conditions, permanently updated under the link “Legal Warning?.

MINERVA HOSTING has arranged several contents to which is acceded free, either of direct form, or previous registry as user, in which case, will have to facilitate us the personal data to the application effect, being the general clausulado one that governs the Privacy of MINERVA HOSTING.

Also, the products contained in the website through their pagination or lodged contents, incorporate the price and the characteristics of the same, for the purposes of which You can visualize those, and in case of interest, to solicit and to contract electronically by means of means prepared to the effect.

MINERVA HOSTING incorporates a denominated section “Support? in which they will be able to make any commentary, consults or suggestion on products and/or services supplied by that one.


Rights of Intellectual and Industrial Property

MINERVA HOSTING is titular or has the corresponding license of use on the rights of operation of intellectual and industrial property of the Webpage, as well as of the contents available through the same.

In no case, it will be understood that the fact to allow the users the access to the Webpage implies a resignation, transmission, license or cession, partial total nor, of shelp rights, on the part of MINERVA HOSTING.

Specifically it is prohibited to suppress, to elude or to manipulate any identity data of the rights of the holder of the website or its holder incorporated to the contents, as well as technical device of protection, fingerprint or any mechanism of information and/or identification that are gotten up to the contents.

Also, it is prohibited to anyway modify, to copy, to reuse publicly, to explode, to reproduce, to communicate, to make second or later publications, to load archives, to send by email, to transmit, to use, to treat or to distribute the totality or leaves from the contents including in the present Webpage for intentions public or commercial if it is not counted on the authorization it express in writing and of MINERVA HOSTING or, where appropriate, of the holder of the rights that corresponds.

The domain, ownership of MINERVA HOSTING, could not be used in connection with other contents, products or services that are not ownership of MINERVA HOSTING, when they can cause to confusion between the end users or the disrepute of that one. MINERVA HOSTING reserves to the right of use of the domain or denomination in the mercantile scope in which his holder realises his actividadesy compatible scopes.

In the same way, MINERVA HOSTING reserves the right to prevent the use of the derived domains of which by his similarity they can induce to error or confusion on the signs, denominations or enterprise origin of the services.



The holder of the website does not become person in charge of the following activities:

  • The evil use that you can realise of the Webpage.
  • The continuity of the contents of the Webpage.
  • The damages or damages that any person will cause, or to itself or to third, that it infringed the conditions, norms and instructions that the holder settles down in the Webpage.
  • The absence of virus and/or other harmful components in the Webpage or the servant that provides them, as much with respect to the visualization of the contents by the users as in the unloading of the same.
  • The contents and served by other Webpages to which it can have access from the present Internet address.
  • The bad operation of software or plug-ins - unloading that will be able to be realised from the link established to the necessary effect for the visualization of determined lodged contents in the present Webpage.
  • The invulnerability of the present Webpage, neither of used, distributed software or obtained of the same.
  • The major or minor yield of the contents lodged in the present Webpage.
  • The damages caused by the infringement of the lodged and/or inserted security systems in the Webpage.

Protection of Personal Data

In accordance with the settled down thing in the matter of protection of data, MINERVA HOSTING guarantees the total adjustment of the Webpage and all the served through the same to Statutory law 15/1999, of 13 of December, Protection of Personal Character data, to the GDPR, as well as to any norm, of international scope, state or autonomic, that regulates the matter.

MINERVA HOSTING guarantees each and every one of the principles of quality in the collection and treatment of its data. Also, the clausulado purpose of the present one is to put at the disposal of the users the present clause so that, at any moment, the users can decide - he frees, volunteer and of form it express if they wish to facilitate the personal data that they could be solicitd.

In the same way, the users of whom they successfully obtain themselves and they try, later, their personal character data, have recognized their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, by means of remission, to the inserted direction in the Webpage.

The user, at any moment will be able to accede and to know the present policy through link “Privacy?, especially, with regard to the use and treatment of the personal character data. MINERVA HOSTING uses the cookies of connection of the users in order to do agile navigation to them. The organization does not communicate personal data to third parties either and, in case in the future it realises it, previously, would need its express, safe consent in those assumptions in which it is precise to be able to serve to them and/or product that they have contracted.

Also, MINERVA HOSTING, in fulfillment with the norm of remission of electronic communications, will be able to send those to them to inform into the services and/or products to them contracted or similar to these. In any case, one will offer for those considered communications promotional mechanisms to him of consent and droppings of the claim to the same.

Duration and Modification

The present general conditions have the use that lasts its exhibition. Of this form, MINERVA HOSTING advises that, whenever the users accede to the Webpage read the same carefully.

MINERVA HOSTING at any time reserves the right of unilateral modification of the conditions, in its totality or partially. The modification will provide effects from its publication in the Webpage, more concretely, from its insertion in the link “Legal Warning?.


MINERVA HOSTING will be able to choose unilaterally to interrupt, to suspend or to finish the access to the contents of the Webpage, regardless of lodispuesto in the present conditions. These situations will not alter the use of the prohibitions of use of the contents set out throughout the present.

Also, the holder of the website will take the pertinent measures, in the measurement that will be possible to him, to warn the users of these circumstances - suspension, interruption or term of access to the contents.

Invalidity and Inefficiency

In case any disposition or dispositions of these conditions was considered null or inapplicable, in its totality or partly, by any Court, Court or competent administrative agency, this invalidity or inapplicability will not affect to the rest of the conditions contained in the present Webpage.

The nonexercise or execution, on the part of MINERVA HOSTING, of any right or disposition contained in these conditions will not constitute a resignation to the same, except for recognition and written agreement on the other hand.


Applicable law and Jurisdiction

All the Conditions inserted in the Webpage are in force by the normativaespañola. All the conflicts, controversies or situations derived from the present conditions will specifically be put under the Courts and Courts of Villa of Madrid, resigning the parts to their charter.