By each client (referred) who you obtain to us we phelp a commission to you, that easy.

Service contracted by your referring
You commission
3 €
6 €
9 €
19 €
Reseller R50
20 €
Reseller R100
40 €
Reseller R150
60 €
80 €
140 €
Dedicated Professional range
200 €
Dedicated Enterprise range
300 €
Dedicated Extreme range
400 €

To only give of discharge in our program of affiliates tedrás you 5 Euros. In order to acquire your commissions the client who you obtain to us must remain 3 months with us at least, that means that you will have to hope 3 months to ask for its commission at least.

  • There are two possibilities to acquire your commissions:

    • As credit for the payment of our services: you must have a minimum of 20 accumulated Euros
    • Direct payment by banking transference (only Spain) or Paypal: in this case you must have a minimum of 50 accumulated Euros. If you are professional or company you must send an invoice to us. If you are particular it is not necessary
It is not necessary that you are client ours, you can be registered free and ask for your money here according to previous point 2. And it remembers that only to register to you already you have 5 Euros.

Both, present clients and affiliates that are not clients, can activate the option within their Area of Client, option Affiliates. There you will find connections with your code of affiliate, banners and the details than you have won and one has been pleased to you.

The idea of this system of affiliates is that you help us to catch new clients, therefore you cannot talk about same.